The services provided by the Companies Group are the result of the integrated work of many specialists, their skills and their experience transferred into company’s common heritage is guaranteed by organizational structures, ISO 9001 certified, oriented to optimize performances both in the specialist-disciplinary and in the systemic and global component.

In the areas of


the main services, core-business of our activities, are summarised in: Design, Construction Management and Technical Assistance, Environmental Impact Studies, Geological and Geotechnical studiesSpatial Planning, Project Management and project ControlTechnical Services.

To tackle and perform the best of engineering activities is primarily a matter of technicians and professionals skills, culture and competence, but also of intelligent use of increasingly high-performance computer tools, new emerging technologies and innovative methodologies.

The implementation of the Buildinding Information Modeling (BIM) methodologies in the design of linear transport infrastructures has been successfully started in the production cycle. We firmly believe in technological innovation and BIM is the new reference scenario for an automated design centered on “shared knowledge and interchange” of digital data contained in a “Virtual Model of Information” useful for the entire life cycle of the work.

The computer system to support the interdisciplinary organization of the companies is dimensioned and structured to meet the needs of specialists in the different phases of design for the management, protection and preservation of data, true Company assets.