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Renardet S.A.  is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, founded in 1952, which provides integrated multidisciplinary services in civil engineering. It operates throughout the world in synergy with the Group of industries leaders in the sector: Bonifica S.p.A., Renardet S.A. & Partners, Profert Saudi Arabia Ltd., Studio Geotecnico Italiano Srl. The Group employees over 900 highly qualified professionals experienced in large and complex projects, covering all major design and construction disciplines in more than 25 countries. The multiple services performed on behalf of public and private entities are among the projects related to roads and high-speed railway infrastructure, hydraulic works, environmental, energy, buildings and cultural heritage.

   logo-bonifica-spa-small    logo-Renardet-SA-small Studio Geotecnico Italiano

AV  rm-na

High Speed Railway Verona-Padova and Rome-Naples

oman  Storebealth

             Oman Highways                                                  Storebælt Bridge

 Fiumicino  mmmm

Fiumicino International Airport                                         Manila International Airport

Oman Dams  BandarAbbas

          Oman Dam                                                                Bandar Abbas Port


                   Pompei and Ercolano                                                    Tower of Pisa                                         Risk Map Of The Cultural Heritage



We are always looking for people who want to expand their professional knowledge or consolidate ther position.

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