The Water Distribution Network for Barka in Al Batinah Region ? Phase II consists in the design of Ground Tanks, Pump Stations, Transmission Lines, Elevated Tanks and distribution lines.

The proposed scope of work can be summarized as follows: To design four twin concrete Ground Water Tanks, rectangular shaped, each with 17,500 m? capacity; To design two Pump Stations to supply the water networks with 4 variable speed pumps 200 l/s at 70 meters head To design five D.I. Transmission Line to supply the Elevated Tanks (approx. 25 km length); To design five Elevated Tanks with a capacity of
approximately 1300 m?; To design five HDPE Distribution Networks to supply the villages in West and East Barka Area (approx. 150 km length); To design a SCADA system to monitor and control the Water Network system and to design
the new PAEW Barka Administration Offices.