The layout of the definitive project of the 1st functional lot Verona- Crossroad Vicenza draws its motivations of design and integration in the territorial context from a complex and sedimentary history for the definition of the project of the line AV Verona – Padova, covering the entire time frame from 1992 to 2014.

The final draft drawn up, takes into account the contents of the preliminary draft approved by CIPE in addition to the requirements and recommendations annexed to resolution No. 94/2006; Of the variants required by local authorities, imposed by occurred rules of law; The results of geotechnical, environmental and archaeological geological surveys preparatory to the elaboration of the project itself.

This new High Speed Railway line has a total length of 44.2 km, plus 19 km of alignment variations on the existing line. The design speed is 250 km/h and maximum gradient is 1.2%. Summary of Route features: embankments: 33.7 km; Cut sections: 1.8 km; Viaducts: 6.3 km; Tunnels: 2.4 km