S.I.A. represents the arrival point of the environmental studies carried out to support to the definition of the definitive project, which, following the addresses of the Cipe 18 March 2005 on the PP, started a complex interim and comparison stage with the accredited bodies to its approval (Region, as Proponent, MATTM, MIBACT, Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of the Southern Etruria SBAEM and the Head of Architects Heritage and Landscape SBAP). The insights are aimed to the development of a pattern that draws its motivation, design and integration into the rich historical-cultural and environmental context of reference, by the intense and consistent activities of testing and evaluating a range of possible alternatives.
In view of the sensitivity of the territory, S.I.A. to improve communication and to make the vision of the various stakeholder involved dynamic and catchy, it uses and includes appropriate tools for representation and communication.