Objective of the project “Modernization of Hydro Power Stations (Farkhad HPS and NiznheBozsu HPS‐14)” is the revamping of two hydropower stations located in Uzbekistan. The Project is financed by Islamic Development Bank.

Farkhad HPS is located along a derivative channel from River Sirdarya, starting from Farkhad Dam (Hmax=27.5 m), having an installed power of 127 MW and an annual longterm average energy production of 500 GWh. Niznhe‐Bozsu HPP‐14 is part of Nizhne‐Bozsu HP cascade, which uses the difference of head along the homonymous irrigation channel for energy production. The installed power is 10.7 MW, with an average annual production of 45.0 GWh.